The Eastney Practice and the Trafalgar Medical Group Practice are merging!

The Eastney Practice and the Trafalgar Medical Group Practices have announced plans to merge with effect from April 1, 2018. The proposal has been agreed by NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee. Both Eastney and Trafalgar practices have staff at Eastney Health Centre, although Trafalgar also has a base in Osborne Road.

GPs from both practices say the merger makes practical and financial sense to ensure their long-term sustainability at a time of increasing pressures nationally on primary care services and issues involving the recruitment of both doctors and nurse.

Dr Jon Price, of the Trafalgar Medical Group Practice, said: “Our combined practice would be stronger, more resilient and better placed to attract new staff to replace retiring doctors and nurses. We feel that together, we would be able to offer better services and access to our patients across Southsea.

“The merger will make both practices much stronger for moving forwards to face the future challenges facing the NHS – and so that we can give our patients the very best service that they rightfully expect and deserve.”

Dr Annie Eggins, of Eastney Practice, said: “By combining our organisations, there would be twelve or more GPs, eight practice nurses and several healthcare assistants to offer clinical care, providing plenty of choice and a greater skill mix than either practice can currently offer.

“Our reception and management staff will come together to pool resources and maximise our efficiency. We will not only offer all our existing services, but in time we hope new ones as well. The two practices also cover pretty much the same geographic area.”

Patients and stakeholders have been informed of the proposals.
The announcement follows the earlier merger of the Osborne Road and Ramillies practices, which joined together to form the Trafalgar Medical Group.