Letter to patients – Telephone System

We are aware of a recent issue with our telephone system which resulted in a number of patients finding it difficult to contact us. We would like to apologise to you for this.

Unfortunately our phone system was “down” and our services were affected as a result.

In response to this, we took several courses of action, both within practice and externally to try and still allow patients to contact us which included invoking our Business Continuity Plan, our website provider, BT and also the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The CCG must be kept up to date with any issues surrounding our ability to be able to help patients. We also had a divert system in place to enable us to at least take “some” calls, although we appreciate the volume for this was low, and placed messages on our website to keep patients informed.

From 1800, our telephones switch over to an automated night time service. We are aware this may have also caused some issue, as anyone who contacted us after the practice was closed at 1830 did not get the usual out of hours’ message.

We have fed back to our telephone provider who are continuing to understand this fault, however, from their investigation, this does look like a fault with Openreach who subsequently had engineers on site on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th March. With such a reliance of telephones, particularly through this pandemic, we understand the inconvenience this may have caused you and can assure you we did to everything in our power to resolve this as soon as possible.

Kind regards

TMGP Partners