Occupational Health Services

If your place of work or university/college have requested that you attend the surgery for pre-employment blood tests and vaccinations, please note that GPs do not provide occupational health services as part of their NHS responsibility.

This means that we are unable to provide the following:

  • screening blood tests to check immunity to measles/ rubella/ varicella/ hepatitis B etc
  • Hepatitis B immunisation for work purposes
  • confirmation of BCG scar
  • chest X-ray for pre-employment/ visa purposes

It is the responsibility of your employer/ place of study to make arrangements with an occupational health provider for the provision of any immunisations or assessments that you might need.

If you require a printed list of your previous immunisations, then please put your request in an email to the practice.

However this can be arranged privately , please see our full list of private fees.